How to write The Summary Ending of your article?



Using this technique, the writer completes the article by summarizing the story. Charles P. Pierce uses such an ending in a profile about Shaquille O'Neal. Pierce article, "The Next Superstar," appeared in The New York Times Magazine. His last two paragraphs were: O'Neal plays with consummate ease and confidence. He blocks shots by catching them.

He whips down the lane for a dunk off an inbounds play, and he winks at Leonard Armato's four-year-old son while he does it. He tosses the veteran Pistons center Olden Polynice this way and that, once bouncing the ball off the backboard, retrieving it with a lightning first step, and then slamming it through as the women from En Vogue rock and Arsenic grabs his head.

He ends up with 36 points and 19 rebounds. "Shaquille, the best part about him is that he's mean," Magic Johnson says later. "He's going to be one of those guys that, after you play him, you sleep real well. He's gonna put guys to sleep."

He does not look mean. He does not look like a product here. He looks like a twenty-year-old discovering himself all over again. There is a purity that extends from north Orlando to this gathering of gaudy dilettantes.

He will be comfortable in both places. He will be a kid and a corporation. He will be for sale and he will be free. He will be a Goliath for everyone to love.