What are the Advantages of Office Systems and Procedures?



1. Delay and bottlenecks can be avoided.

2. Errors can easily be eliminated.

3. Office efficiency is stepped up.

4. Office personnel can easily be trained.

5. Responsibility can be fixed for each employee.

6. Better form design and form control is possible.

7. Better control over work is facilitated.

8. Better co-ordination is possible.

9. Staff can perform their job independently.

10. A good system liberates the management.

11. Possible to achieve economy and efficiency.

12. Serves as a basis of control.

A 'routine' is a series of steps constituting a planned method of doing any particular work according to system. The same steps are taken in the same order and in the same way whenever the work is performed. A number of routines make a system. So a system is a broader division of work rather than a routine.