What are the Functions of World Bank?



World Bank performs the following functions:

(i) Granting reconstruction loans to war devastated countries.

(ii) Granting developmental loans to underdeveloped countries.

(iii) Providing loans to governments for agriculture, irrigation, power, transport, water supply, educations, health, etc

(iv) Providing loans to private concerns for specified projects.

(v) Promoting foreign investment by guaranteeing loans provided by other organisations.

(vi)Providing technical, economic and monetary advice to member countries for specific projects

(vii) Encouraging industrial development of underdeveloped countries by promoting eco­nomic reforms.


The World Bank had initially authorised capital of $10 billion subscribed by the member countries in accordance with their economic strength. The United States of America is the largest subscriber. The Bank collects funds from members as well as by issue of international bonds.