What are the Advantages of super bazar?



1. Low operating expenses:

A super bazar does not employ salesmen. It need not spend huge amount on advertising and publicity. Due to low operating costs, goods are made available to the consumers at relatively cheaper rates. Middlemen are eliminated.

2. Freedom of choice:

Customers are fully free to pick and choose goods of their liking. There is no pressure of salesmen. Wide variety of a few products is available.

3. Convenience in shopping:

Customers can purchase all their daily requirements at one place. They have not to move from one shop to another. Some supper bazaars offer telephone, toilet and home delivery services to customers.

4. Economies of large scale:

A super bazar gets the benefits of large sales turnover and bulk buying. Low operating expenses and economies of scale help to increase profits.

5. Central location:

A super bazar is located in a central place. It can, therefore, attract a large number of customers from all parts of the city.

6. No bad debts:

Goods are sold strictly on cash basis. There is no risk of loss due to bad debts. Customers residing for away from central location find it inconvenient to visit the super bazar.

7. Efficient management:

A super bazar can afford to employ experts in buying, sales promotion, cost control, etc. Therefore, efficiency of management can be improved.

8. Mutual advertising:

As goods are displayed is open racks, customers visiting a particular part of the super bazar are attracted to buy. One section acts as an advertisement for other sections.

9. Customers' confidence:

Prices are fixed and the quality of goods is standardised. Cus­tomers have confidence in the store. Open display of goods attracts them towards the super bazar.