Short notes on Warm Air Heating System



Heating and cooling system:

(i) Cooling coils added to warm air furnace.

(ii) Cooling by air/heating hydraulically.

An sub slab perimeter system became for basement less house. Air is deliv­ered upward across glass, to be taken back at high return grills.

Horizontal electric furnaces begin to appear in shallow action or above fired ceilings. Air is delivered down from ceilings to warm exterior glass & taken back through door grills & open plenum space.


(i) Uniform condition & reasonably equal-temperature in all parts of a build­ing.

(ii) Clean air by means of filters

(iii) Fresh air may be introduced to reduce odours & to make up the air exhausted by fans in kitchens, laundries & bathrooms.

System components

(i) Furnace

(ii) Duct

(iii) Damper

(iv) Supply registers

(v) Controls