According to the purpose of air conditioning, it can be classified as follows



(A) According to the purpose of air conditioning, it can be classified:

(a) Comfort air conditioning:

To maintain a comfortable surrounding con­ditions for human beings. Supply of oxygen and removal of carbon dioxide. Remove body heat and moisture, air movement and air distribution, purity of air,

(b) Industrial air conditioning:

To control the condition of atmosphere connected with manufacturing process.

(c) Hospital, hotel air-conditioning:

(B) According to equipments arrangement-air conditioning can be classified-

(a) Unitary system:

System is factory assembled, eg. Window Air condi­tioner, room air conditioner, etc.

Advantages of unitary systems:

(i) Moderate cost

(ii) Flexibility in operation

(iii) Saving in installation cost

(iv) Duct work is eliminated.

(v) Exact requirement of each room is met. According to the volumetric space air conditioner capacity is selected. Normally for 1000 cu ft. Space 1 Tonne air conditioner is suitable.

(vi) When cooling is needed then unit is operated

(vii) Failures of one unit affect one space only.

(b) Central air conditioning unit:

More than 25T, 2000M air/minute. All equipments are kept at central place-cold air is circulated to different places by means of duct.