Complete information on Barley (Hordeum vulgare)



Barley is an important cereal ever since the days of the Indus valley civilization. It is used in every Hindu ritual. Besides being poor people's food it is also used for making barley water, beer and whisky.

Conditions of Growth

Barley grows well in areas where the tem­perature varies between 10° and 18°C. It requires moderate rainfall between 70 cm and 90 cm. Both high temperature and excessive rainfall are harmful for the crop. It is generally grown on light soils, although well-drained medium loams of moderate fertility and texture are most suitable. At present over 60 per cent of its area is irrigated.

Cultivation and Yield

Barley is a winter or Rabi crop in India. It is sown in September-November and the crop is ready for harvest in March-April. The average yield of per hectare of barley is 1898kg which varies between 1000 kg/ha in Uttaranchal and Punjab and 3394 kg/ ha in Punjab. Its productivity is almost same to that of wheat.