Short notes on the Remedial Measures of Air Pollution

Air pollution is an outcome of modern urban, economic and industrial growth. In consonance with the United Nations Conference on the Human Envi­ronment held in Stockholm in June 1972 the Air Pollution Act was passed in 1981 creating a separate department for monitoring and controlling the air pollution.

The department has set up pollution con­trol boards which are regularly collecting data about air quality in urban and industrial areas. There is a need to strengthen the department whereby regular monitoring and survey could be undertaken using sophisticated instrument and city/area specific plan should be formulated and implemented. Owners of the industrial units should be forced to install pollu­tion control devices in factories and disciplinary action including fines should be imposed against the errants. Manufacturers of the automobiles should follow euro and euro II norms, install latest pollu­tion control devices in the vehicles. Diesel driven vehicles should be wise replaced by CNG and battery-driven vehicles.

Emphasis should be given on such researches which are finding substitutes for petroleum and less polluting fuels like hydrogen gas, electricity and solar energy etc. There is a need for creating awareness in general public about the cause and effects of air pollution through environmental education. NGOs may play fruitful role in creating public awareness, environmental monitoring and controlling pollution.