Short essay on Pakistan of my dreams

Pakistan in the 21st century is much different than the Pakistan of my dreams. My dream is a vision of how Pakistan will become in the year 2030. A vision is similar to a dream but it is experienced with eyes open rather than both eyes closed. It is more like a hope or a plan that one envisions with both feet on the ground. My vision is similar to the vision represented by the MTDF - The Medium term Development Framework 2005-10 which were launched by the government in July 2005. This vision showed Pakistan as a developed, industrialized, just and prosperous nation through rapid sustainable development. In a country where there are resource constraints this would be achieved by deploying knowledge units. This draft document of Vision 2030 has been created after a detailed consultation process spread over two years. It provides a strategic framework on how to overcome the different obstacles and challenges that stand between the preferred futures chosen by Pakistani Citizens.

The government aims to achieve the vision drafted within a generation, in such a way that creates a high quality of life and gives equal opportunity to all its people so they can reach their true potential. The government plans to meet current and future goals and challenges by deploying knowledge inputs and developing the large human capital that Pakistan possesses. The development of human capital is the core of this vision. This vision document which has been drafted is a combination of idealism and what is actually achievable. The main goals in this vision are representative of the aspirations and potential of the citizens of Pakistan in this fast changing/developing world. This vision 2030 draft takes into account a range of futures with different strategic alignments. However the main theme or purpose of the vision is the same, it is to create new opportunities based on our internal strengths. This is the simple vision of 2030. In it, it has been discussed that Pakistan expects to join the ranks of middle income states by growing at a rate of around 7 to 8 percent. The high growth rate would be maintained through development of human resources, and development of needed physical and technological infrastructure.

The citizens in this vision would have access to better quality education and health care facilities. There would be less corruption and political instability in the state; this would increase the economic productivity in the state. Pollution would be controlled and the law enforcement would have a better control over the crime rates. With better education, better job opportunities and suitable access to the necessities in life the crime rates would themselves decline. With a better government which is democratic and a more educated population, there would be a more equivalent distribution of wealth and incomes; hence the gap between the rich and the poor would decline. This is a vision envisioned by the government and by its people and citizens like me, however for it to become reality we all have to put in a lot of effort.