9 Important questions on Soil



1. For which crops alluvial soils are suited ?

Ans. Rice, wheat, sugarcane, jute.

2. What is the percentage of Alluvial soil in India ?

Ans. 24%, 8 lacs square kilometers.

3. Which type of soil is also known as Regur soil ?

Ans Black soil.

4. What is the percentage of Black soil in India ?

Ans. 5 lacs square kilometers.

5. Which soil is most suitable for cotton crops ?

Ans. Black soil.

6. For which Important crops red soils are suited ?

Ans. Jwar and Bajra.

7. Which is, the main crops of Laterite soils ?

Ans. Tea.

8. For which crops mountain soils are suited ?

Ans. Fruit orchards.

9. What is soil leaching ?

Ans. The fertility of laterite sail is reduced because most of their minerals and nutrients are dissolved in water and flushed Into deep underground. This process is called soil leaching.