Short Essay on Abandoned Houses



When traveling in the countryside you often see these abandoned houses. I have often wondered what kind of histories do these houses have. Some of them might have been abandoned because of lack of work, some of them just because there was no one who wanted to live there anymore.

You can find these abandoned houses all over Finland, even in Helsinki. Abandoned houses are usually forgotten and people tend to think automatically that they have an owner somewhere who will eventually put it into shape. The case often is that they are owned by the city or the government. Big old mansions and houses are being crippled because no-one really cares about the houses and in the officials’ eyes they have no value. Sometimes they are even sitting on a valuable property.

Renovating (in Finnish: remontti) an abandoned house might seem like a tricky business. It involves so many variables and might be that it costs more to renovate a house than to tear it down and build a new one instead. A good advice on renovating an abandoned house is to get some good advice. Experts usually can evaluate whether it is worth to renovate or not. Sometimes the house might have other than monetary value in which case the renovation should be done anyways. For renovation you can get good advice from Rautia. You can consult the staff on the situation and even take some pictures of the sight with you to show the staff. You will also get almost everything you need for a renovation from Rautia. If they don’t have something, they will most likely order it.

Renovating an old abandoned house can be fun, rewarding and full of fun experiences. It can also be quite the opposite so you have to hope for the best but always prepare for the worst. Renovating is not the only thing you have to take into account when dealing with abandoned houses. You have to also consider the fact that someone has to do the maintenance of the house after the renovation. It is still an old house and needs a certain amount of care. One way or the other, renovation is always a rewarding process during which you learn a lot and have a bit of fun as well.