What are the Main Objectives of Parent and Teacher Association?



The objectives of Parent-Teacher Association are the following:

(i) To bring home and the school in close contact:

These days' teacher and parents do not come in contact with each-other. Parents also do not know the teacher. Both should meet each-other on some occasions.

(ii) To promote the welfare of the children in home and community:

(a) Parents are busy in their professions. They do not find time to visit the school and take interest in child's progress. Once a year, the school invites parents, which helps them to know about the child's performance and the problems of the child. Parents come to know the behaviour of the child. Parents and teachers may cooperate with each-other intelligently in the training of a child.

(b) Somehow both complain about each-other. In some cases, parents blame teachers and teachers blame parents for not taking interest. If both of them come together, know each-other, understand each-other, it helps in growth and development of child's progress.

(c) Parent-Teacher Association also helps school to inform the community of what it is doing and the problems it is facing. The involvement of parents and the community might help a school to raise resources for its various activities.

(d) The importance of PTA is clear and the objectives are also understood.

The following activities are to be organised in a Parent-Teacher Association:

(i) The performance of a child is discussed.

(ii) The personal as well as academic problems of a child can be discussed jointly and efforts made to solve these problems.

(iii) Celebration of festivals can be organised. Invite parents and community members and accept their viewpoints.

(iv) Activities can be taken up with the help of the community e.g. cleanliness of the city or village, shram yagnya, eye camp, tours, funfair, cultural programme etc.