Essay on the Position of women in Modern India



It was this shocking situation that drew the attention of our social reformers. A question that was posed was as to who was superior in sacrifice, the man who did not bum himself alive with his wife, after her death, or woman who ended her life as soon as her husband was put on fire.

Similarly it was felt that women showed sacrifice by remaining widow whereas men married a second time as soon as first wife was dead. Our social reformers therefore, decided to raise their voice. Raja Ram Mohan Roy strongly pleaded and also succeed in his mission that Sati System should be banned. Ishwar Chandra Vidya Sagar, Swami Dayanand Saraswati and Swami Vivekanand, along with others pleaded that women should be educated.

It is primarily due to the efforts of these social reformers that the image of women, in India, in modern times is radically changing. She is practically gaining her previous position. Now child marriage is more or less outdated. Widow re-marriage is not viewed with contempt or disgrace.

It is now a socially tabooed marriage. She is now gradually getting more and more share in running household affairs. She is consulted in all important household matters, more particularly those women who are economically self-sufficient. Girls are also consulted about their marriage.

They are now getting very many facilities in getting higher education and also in the fullest development and their own faculties. Similarly in social, economic and political life they have all such opportunities which men enjoy. A woman is now not supposed to please her husband in right and wrong manner but supposed to be his advisor. Sati System has completely been legally banned. ;

She has now right in the property of her father, even after her marriage. Then we find that a woman has a right to divorce her husband under certain peculiar circumstances and conditions.

In political field she has equal rights with men. She can contest elections and if elected can hold the highest office in the State. She can also participate in active politics without any hindrance whatsoever. She has right to vote, along with man without any sex distinction.