How to preserve the Monuments of India?



While taking up conservation of a monument the uppermost fact that is to be kept in mind is that the historical building or remains declared important for our country is repaired in a manner so that it does not lose its original look and condition. The Central and State Government undertake the work of conservation of monuments and site.

1. At present the Archaeological Survey of India has under its protection nearly five thousand monuments and sites.

2. As a result of the steps taken to preserve our monuments and sites, these have been saved.

3. Some of our archaeological sites and historical buildings and remains are located in remote, out of the way places difficult to access and in different altitudes and environments. Availability of materials, dwindling number of traditional artisans, difficulties of access, etc. are some of the inhabiting factors.

4. In some cases keeping in mind their importance it becomes necessary to transplant some of the monuments or sites elsewhere due to the future submergence of the area.