Why to Preserve National Heritage (India)?



Most of the people who do not like to have link with the past and do not like to worry for the future generation do not like to preserve national heritage- Natural as well as Archaeological.

They favour to use all natural heritages as per their present requirements and do not like to preserve even rare and valuable natural heritage. They think that preservation of archaeological heritage has no advantages. This however is not right.

1. Heritage is the reflection of the identity of a people and the nation. One identifies himself or herself with one's heritage, which gives a sense of pride.

2. Some of our traditions, which represent our ethos and personality are facing threat of extinction. These traditional skills and different variety enrich our cultural landscape and heritage.

During ancient times traditional artists and their crafts were patronized by rulers, this in turn gave them livelihood and their skills and creativity got encouragement. If our traditions in arts and crafts extinct, the artisans will lose their livelihood and our cultural heritage will also get a setback.

3. Our heritage is a mirror of our national identity. Its preservation therefore is important and urgent. Though government and different agencies are responsible for its preservation, involvement of people is very necessary. Without cooperation of the people no plan or programme gets success completely.