Comprehensive Essay on Cocurricular Activities



Besides, teaching work in the school time one other activity which is known as co-curricular activities. These activities are important in the sense that they keep the balance of the development of the child. These activities also keep the student busy which help in maintaining the discipline in the school. Game, sports, cultural performance, house-system, debates, dramas, scouting, N.C.C., etc. are some of the co- curricular activities.

School curriculum includes several important activities which are for group, individual or outside the school. Some of the activities are internal, while other is external. Internal activities are performed within the school premises, while external activities are performed outside die school, where students represent the school. It earns the name and fame for the whole school. Games, sports, debates, essay competition etc. all can be put as physical and mental activities.

Co-curricular activities are very important in the school. Only teaching work or bookish knowledge is not sufficient for the all-round development of die child. These activities keep the students busy and maintain the discipline in the school. It further has psychological affect i.e. all work and no play makes the Jack a dull boy. As such, these activities create an atmosphere of unity, working together and develop the energies of the child.

Literary activities create an interest in the learning of different languages i.e. English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Urdu etc. which are taught in the school, and part of the curriculum. These literary activities include essay writing, debates, birth day of literary figures, discussion on their books and works of the authors. These activities aim at providing a wide knowledge of the subject. These also create an interest among the students to study literary in their studies. Great authors arc the guide of the society.

Cultural activities are co-curricular and provide an opportunity to the students to know their culture and also to enjoy the school work. These activities are related with the society and the community at large. Some people think that these are extra activities, but it is no so. These activities are part of die vast curriculum of the school and studies. They develop the personality of the students and also provide the knowledge of the past, the hidden qualities of the students.

The co-curricular activities are very important for the development of the child. As such these activities should be arranged very carefully. Their planning needs a serious thinking. The functions of these activities should be arranged in a well planned manner. These activities include drama, one-act play, debate, dance shows, and historical events. The function needs a rehearsal, practice and should be arranged after the examination or well in advance of the exams.

The rules and regulations must be followed while arranging co-curricular activities. These activities should not be observed during die examination or before the examination or while the exams are approaching so that these activities should not disturb the students. There must be enough time for the preparation as such these should be arranged either well before or after exams.

Physical activities keep the balance of the development of a child. Only studies or theoretical work make them dull and weak. Hence physical activities are necessary. A sound body has a sound mind. Physical fitness is necessary for the mental work. Now, a subject as physical education is also introduced at 10+2 level and teachers are trained for the physical education.

Physical activities need practice and hard work as such these activities should be arranged in own atmosphere of liberal climate i.e. neither too cold nor too hot, and that is too after the examination is over half-yearly or after the final exams. There should be proper guidance from the physical teacher. If these activities are to be held on a large scale, they should be arranged in a field that can be hired or taken on lease.

Teachers play an important role in the co- curricular activities of the school under the preparation,

cither the subject teacher, or class teacher, or a teacher knowing well about the activities should arrange these activities with the help of other teachers and students. Since these activities need a lot of practice, teacher can take help of other teachers. Actually, teachers know well how to arrange these activities within limited resources and hence played an important part.

There are several difficulties in performing and arranging the co-curricular activities in the school. In the absence of the interest by the students, who are more inclined towards studies, a teacher finds difficulties in arranging the function and for preparing the students. Some of the teachers may not be able to find suitable students. Besides, the fund required for these activities may not be available or shortage of fund may create problem. Since several activities are being arranged die coordination between them is rather impossible.

The difficulties arising during the co-curricular activities can be removed. But it needs thorough efforts and sincere help for the staff and students. The parent- teacher association can arrange the funds and also ask the students to come forward to participate in the function. The adjustment with other activities can be made with the help of a coordination committee with the Principal is contribution. It means 'where there is a will, there is a way.'

Types of Co curricular Activities

Activities for physical development man parade and mass drill:

1. Yoga Aasan

2. Indoor and outdoor games

3. By cycling

4. Cresending

5. Swimming

6. Wrestling

7. N.C.C.