Short Essay on Teacher as a Person in different phases



A teacher is the builder of nation. He/she is a prestigious person in the society we have so many expectations from a teacher ranging from his role in classroom environment to his role as a citizen of the country. As a pivotal person in the process ol education, a teacher is supposed to be performing different tasks.

In the Classroom:

In the classroom a teacher is to ensure the goals of education which can be specified as learning in terms of predetermined knowledge, skills, and attitudes in specific subjects. It is through these subjects that a teacher strives to achieve school goals as well as all-round development of students, which is the broader goal of education. To ensure the all-round development of students, a teacher has also to organise such co-curricular activities as games, sports, quizzes, debates, excursion, tours, field trips etc.

As a Colleague:

There are so many teachers in a school organization. Among them each has the same goal of education. Teachers have a collective role in the teaching-learning process which is social activity. For the school to function smoothly we need for a group: of teachers to work in harmony. There must be a constant interaction and close working ethics together which helps teachers not only in understanding their students and their problems but also in their own personal growth as teachers. It leads to the development of the attitude of openness' among student.

In the Community:

In rural areas the teacher is looked upon as a leader of the community. He/she is honoured several times and able to be understood as the best advisor in the community. He is highly respected person and a theme of literacy. He/she is responsible for collecting different data like senses data etc.

As a Citizen:

A teacher is the provider of the model of future generation. A teacher enables the functioning of democracy by participating in democratic processes, acts as on unbiased objective: critic of the society and is sensitive to events in the country like corruption, scandals, riots, exploitation etc. which hamper the growth and development of a nation and mobilizes resources to check anti-social and an national activities.

Frankly speaking, a teacher in the society is a friend, philosopher and guide of the students.