Short notes on the Wavell Plan



Lord Wavell, the Governor-General of India, with a view to resolving the deadlock in Indian politics set forth his plan which is famous in history as the 'Wavell Plan' (1945).

The most important points in the Wavell Plan were as follows:

(1) Formation of an interim government before proceeding for the work of framing Constitution.

(2) The proposed interim government was to have a balanced representation of the main communities including equal proportion of Muslims and Caste Hindus.

(3) All members of the Central Executive Council barring the Governor-General and the Commander-in-Chief were to be Indians.

(4) Defence of India was to be in the hands of a British General till Power was transferred to the Indian hands.

With a view to discussing the proposals with the Indian political leaders Wavell summoned a conference at Simla on 25 June, 1945. But the Simla Conference ended in a failure.