What are the Important Characteristics of Islam?



When Mohammad Prophet founded and propagated Islam, al that times the Arab society was infused with animistic practices and tribal codes. It simple lacked in law and order. The religious rigidities and beliefs had made the life of the people miserable.

Hence the rise of Islam religion came to them as a ray of hope. The main features of Islam religion are as follows:

(i) God is one:

Contrary to the prevailing practice of worship of 360 idols, the Prophet preached that God is one. Thus, the Islam religion believes in monotheism. For the followers of Islam, Allah is the Supreme and only God.

(ii) Disbelief in Deity:

Islam opposes the belief in deity. According to this religion, Allah is alive and lives in the seventh sky far away from the earth. It forbids idol worship.

(iii) Belief in Equality :

Islam does not make discrimination among people as it believes that all people are creation of Allah. The Prophet decried race and caste divisions. Equality, the status of women, the rights of the less privileged was reflected in the Prophet's message.

(iv) Devotion towards Allah :

Islam preaches complete devotion towards Allah. The followers of Islam are expected to follow blindly the preachings of Quran as they are the discourses of Allah. Islam considers them Kafir who do not follow the instructions of Allah.

(v) Opposition to Re-birth:

Islam does not believe in re-birth or does it encourages the Hindu or Buddhist renunciation of the world.

(vi) Everything happens on the Will of Allah :

According to Islam, all human beings are slaves to Allah. Whatever happens in the universe is manifestation of his will.

(vii) Belief in Messengers of Allah:

Islam religion believes that Allah is one but for the welfare of the mankind and to show the right path to the world, he sends his messenger from time to time. There are yet many other characteristics apart from these which distinguish Islam from the other religions.