What are the Differences between Stem and Root?




Mostly epidermis is covered by distinct cuticle.

Stem hairs are either unicellular or multi cellular they are separated from epidermal cells by walls.

Stomata may occur in epidermis.

Cortex is generally differentiated into zones like hypodermis, general cortex and endodermis.

Hypodermis is either collenchymatous or selerenchymatous.

Endodermis lacks casparian strips; cells of endodermis contain starch grains.

Pericycle is not present in all stems.

Lateral branches are superficial.

They do not develop from pericycle.

Vascular bundles are conjoint, collateral or concentric.

Xylem is end arch.


Epiblema lacks cuticle.

Root hairs are unicellular.

They are not separated from cells of epiblema by walls.

Stomata are absent.

Cortex is an undifferentiated mass.

Hypodermis is absent.

Thick walled exodermises is present in some roots in its place.

Endodermis is distinct with casparian strips, pericycle is present.

Lateral roots arise from pericycle.

Vascular bundles are radial in arrangement.

Xylem is exarch.