What is the meaning of "Creating a Learning Culture?"



Creating a learning culture means creating a learning environment where all individuals collaborate to construct new knowledge. They all share beliefs, goals and intentions.

(ii) Why should a teacher be clear about the learning outcome?

A teacher should be clear about the learning outcomes as they decide, how learning tasks have to be organized. For example, the learning outcome is that students acquire laboratory skill. The teacher must ensure that students arrange laboratory apparatus, prepare chemicals and test them.

(iii) List out the organising principles of learning experiences.

These are as follows:

(1) Be clear about the learning outcome.

(2) Help learners to work individually as well as in groups.

(3) Leave opportunities for negotiations.

(4) Try to make conversation with pupils personalised.

(5) Allow learners to use their prior knowledge.

(6) Develop learning task with wider scope.

(7) Be ready tolerate different routes to desired learning outcomes.

(8) Make use of learner's ability to reflect.

(9) Design the activity so as to create a learning culture.

(10) Use available resources creativity.