List of Famous Historical Sites in India



Ajanta Caves-are situated in Aurangabad district of Maharashtra. In these caves the wall paintings depict the life of Lord Budha and are ranked highly in the art world. These caves date from 200 BC to 600 BC.

Elephanta Caves-are situated near Mumbai comprise seven caves. These caves are rich in ancient sculpture. The sculpture of Trimurti, the three-faced god is worth seeing.

Ellora Caves-are situated in Aurangabad district in Maharashtra. These caves depict three different styles of culture, the Buddhist, Jainism and Brahmanical. The temple of Kailash is worth seeing.

Fatehpur Sikri-is situated about 37 km from Agra. It was built by Akbar in honour of Sheikh Salim Chisti, a sufi Muslim sant who has blessed him with a son, Salim.

Hampi-is the site of ancient capital of Vijayanagar which dominated the South India from 1336 to 1566 AD.

Jallianwala Bagh-is situated in Amritsar and famous for the horrible massacre which occurred on April 13, 1919 during a Congress meeting demanding independence. Poor and innocent people attending the meeting were brutally shot under the shot orders of General Dyer.

Kaushambi-situated about 60 kms of Allahabad, is famous for the Ashoka Pillar.

Lothal-is the historical place famous for the archaeological excavations relating to Indus Valley Civilization.

Nalanda-is famous as historical site of Buddhist Nalanda University near Patna. It was founded by Kumara Gupta in 427 A.D.

Sanchi-is the historical site famous for an ancient Buddhist monastry.

Sarnath-near Varanasi is the place where Lord Buddha delivered his first sermon to his five disciples under a Pipal tree.

Sirguya Caves-are famous caves in Madhya Pradesh. These caves depict the different phases of the Lord Buddha's life.

Sanchi Caves-also called as Udaigiri caves depict the Jainism.

Nasik Caves-are situated near Nasik and depict Buddhism in its diverse forms.