Write a letter to the Editor of a daily newspaper, complaining about frequent load-shedding in your town




The Editor,

Navabharat Daily,

Patna, Bihar

Dear Sir,

Re: Complaint about frequent load-shedding.

It has now become an everyday affair in our town that the people have to live in complete darkness for long hours-in absence of electricity. The State Electricity Board seemed to be careless and rather indifferent about the difficulty felt by the dwellers of the town.

So I would request you to ventilate the evils of load-shedding through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, so that the con­cerned authority comes to its senses and takes immediate steps to remove this undesirable hazardous problem.

During the dark hours of the night, we, the students, suffer much in our studies for want of light; the old and the sick, and especially the children also suffer in many ways. The anti-socials become more active, taking advantage of the darkness, and it becomes risky for one to be on the dark streets at night.

The curse of load-shedding has become like a chronic dis­ease that damages the normal life of the people. Yes, if it were an occasional event, no one would have bothered about it, because a sudden breakdown of a generating station might cause it. But it has now become almost a regular occurrence, which goes to prove mere negligence and inefficiency of the State Electricity Board. It is not known what can be their excuse on this kind of major lapse.

We must, by all means, get rid of this kind of load-shedding that is going to almost paralyse our normal life, especially after dusk. All of us must be united to do something about this. So I request for your kind interference into the matter which is required to be highlighted before the public eye with your valuable sugges­tion or criticism.

Yours faithfully,

N.K. Singh