Write a Essay on Value of Sports - Essay for School Students



Sports can be taken as a part of education, for they seek to develop three sides of one's nature-physical, mental and moral. Sports make the body strong and active, and some particular games train the intellect and develop the sense of morality, too. They provide sufficient exercise to the body, and the rules guiding a particular game make the players disciplined, while they play it.

A right player in the right place can discover the weak points of the opponents and can take advantage of them. Thus his sense of responsibility increases, and as he learns to obey his trainer or his captain, he learns to respect others in his life.

Matches and tournaments are held to put to test the skill, stamina and hardship of the participants. Medals, shields and cups are awarded to the players for achieving excellence and high standard of performance in their respec­tive fields.

In a match game, a sense of honour for others, encouragement of self and that of the team-mates, and a healthy spirit of rivalry boost the player's morale. He becomes a complete man.

Hockey, football, cricket, tennis, badminton, rowing, swimming-all these sports give good exercise to the limbs, and provide a good deal of excitement and entertainment.

True sportsmanship means taking part in sports and playing the game in conformity with the rules prescribed, having equal respect and appreciation for the rivals, as in the case of a civilized war.

A true sportsman, who observes faithfully all such rules of the games, is found to possess disciplined habits in his private or public life, too, and his character is easily built up with a solid base.

Sports create and develop the spirit of a healthy compe­tition. Sportsmanship implies 'fair play', and not 'foul play'. Fouls in games are penalized in the field. Fairness, honesty and integrity are the main charcteristics of an ideal sportsman. True sportsmanship consists in existing, negotiating and acting in harmony with others, without any friction or mutual jealously. The spirit of true sportsmanship demands cheerfulness, even in the face of a defeat.