Short Essay for School Students on a Visit to a Hospital



I went to visit one of my friends, in the hospital after he met with a road accident. I went there with my three class­mates by bus. The visiting hours were between 4 P.M. and (P P.M. We climbed the steps to reach the third floor, where our friend was lying in bed No. 23. When we went near Latif, he smiled at the very sight of us.

I asked him how he was feeling. He again smiled and answered that he was much better after the minor operation was carried out. Latif spoke to each one of us with pleasure. He looked delighted in the presence of his intimate friends.

After we finished with Latif, we wanted to have a look at the other wards, just to have an idea about the atmosphere of a hospital. Latif was in the orthopedic ward, where patients with physical injuries were admitted. Next to his ward was the ward of the eye-patients. Oh, there were bandages on the eyes of most of the patients who included the old, the children and the youth.

Then we moved to the next ward that belonged to the patients of general diseases like cholera, unrinary disorders, respiratory troubles, or similar other diseases. We saw how human beings suffer from various diseases. The scene of a hospital is, indeed, pathetic.

Ours is a vast country, in which there are thousands of hospitals like the one we had visited the other day. It is not known if every care is taken to see that the suffering people are treated well and looked after with proper care and com­passion.