An Autobiography of a Tree - Essay




I am tree in Jim Corbett national park I am here from past 55 years. Proud and firm, I stand on the ground. Tigers and more animals rest under me. Birds make their nest on me. I feel very glad when they rest under me when the tigress feed her cubs under my shadow in the afternoon I feel very happy and then the cubs start playing and then they sleep under my shadow. I like all the animals and the people in the forest and especially the I.F.S. officer for the care and concern they show me.

I readily and happily offer shelter to all the animals and the hard working people who work in the forest. I still remember the time when I was young, slim and trim my desire that one day I will grow and give shelter to everybody and today that desire of me has come true. When there was rain, I was in high spirits I use to feel fresh and after the rain when sun use to shine it was a pleasant sight I use enjoy it.

One day Shera was resting behind me in the afternoon, suddenly I saw a woodcutter coming from front caring a huge bag of things which were used to cut trees then he shouted  “ wow such a big tree” then Shera woke up , Shera was the most powerful and strong tiger in the whole forest, then the woodcutter took out a huge axe and moved towards me to cut me then Shera saw that he was going to cut me as  he loved me a lot then to save me he jumped at the woodcutter and make him fall on the ground he stood in front of him and killed him and after knowing this thing each and every woodcutter stopped cutting the trees and started planting the trees.


Alvia Syed