293 Words Short Essay for Kids on Horse



The horse is a quadruped (four-footed) animal. Its legs are slender but strong enough to run a few miles at a stretch without any break. Its hoofs are not parted like those of the cows or other animals. They are shoed with some unshaped strip of metal nailed to them, in order to make them stronger for longer run.

The horse may be of different sizes and colours. They may be white, red, brown, grey black or a mixture of such colours. The horse looks handsome and slim, but healthy. Its hairs are thin and smooth. It has a long tail with flowing hair. The horse lives on grass, straw, or leaves of trees.

The horse is a very intelligent animal. It can be easily trained. It is also a faithful and obedient animal. It is now-a- days used in the circus show, polo game, or other challeng­ing sports all over the world.

In ancient days, the horse was used as the only depend­able vehicle for transport to a distant place. It was used in war in the royal cavalry. It was used for hunting spree by kings or lords. The horses are also used to pull carts or plough the land. In the modern races, the horse plays an important role, where crores of rupees are betted depending on a horse's ability to run the fastest of all.

The Arabian horses are famous for their beauty and superb service to mankind. The horses may be large or small in size. There is a kind of small horse known as 'pony'. They are used for riding or carrying loads or carriages. They are generally found in the hilly areas. The horse, with all its good qualities, is a loveable animal.