341 Words Essay for School Students on My Favourite Leader



Netaji Subash Chandra Bose is my favourite leader. Subhas Bose passed the I.C.S. Examination in England, securing the 'Fourth' position, and was offered a high post under the British Government. But he resigned to the post, as he did not want to serve the British.

He appeared at the examination only at the choice of his father who was a renowned pleader, practicing at Cuttack, although Subhas himself did not like it. Subhas returned to India and dedicat­ed his life at the feet of Mother India, and served her honest­ly to the last day of his life.

Subhas Bose was a great leader in the Indian National Congress, and once became its President. During World War II, Subhas Bose escaped in disguise from India without the knowledge of the British Intelligence Agency, and reached Germany. There he formed the first Indian National Army (I.N.A.) with the 'prisoners of war', who were none but the Indian soldiers serving under the British Army during the war.

From Germany, Subhas spoke over the Azad Hind Radio, an Indian broadcasting station installed by him in Berlin, to his countrymen, suggesting to them how they should act in that critical war time when the British was deeply involved in the World War. Subhas wanted to take full advantage of the situation, because he knew that the for­eigners must be driven away by using the armed forces.

Later, Subhas came from Germany to Japan, and increased his army by many more in number, and declared war against the British Government. His army fought bravely in the Burma front against the British forces, and the I-N.A. hoisted Indian National flag on the soil of Imphal in Manipur. However, when the war was about to end, Subhas was on his way to Russia, and met with an air crash, and died on the spot in 1945.

I do not find any other Indian leader who had sacrificed his life as sincerely as Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose did, for the cause of freedom of his motherland.