274 Words Essay for Kids on My Garden



We live in the Salt Lake City in the eastern part of Calcutta. It is a newly developed area, where people from different places have come to settle. Our house is too- strayed, with a small garden in front of it.

We have a ser­vant named Raghu who looks after the garden in addition to his domestic works. But I am not always happy with his work in the garden, although he cleans the soil, waters the plants and sometimes mix fertilizers with earth powder and puts them at the roots of the plants in order to nourish them.

But I think that Raghu has no technical knowledge about flower plants. He does not perhaps know that all the plants do not require water everyday for their sustenance. Some need water everyday, while some need it every alter­nate day or only once in a week.

My father marked my special interest in Botany. Once day he asked me to take charge of the garden. So at present, I am regularly guiding Raghu to do the correct things in correct time; and the results are wonderful.

During the last season, the daliahs in our garden grew in large size, and the roses of various colours and sizes looked very attractive. Every year grows season flowers which enhance the beauty of our garden, but they do not last long.

The best attractions in our little paradise are the three bougainvillea plants grown together in a twisted pattern with their three different colours-white, red and yellow-covering the bow-shaped grill connecting the heads of the pillars of the main gate, in front of our garden.