Short essay on the Origin of the Earth



Of all the subjects in physical geography, it is the origin of the earth that is so much based on conjecture. A large number of hypotheses were put forth by different philosophers and scientists regarding the origin of the earth, but with the subsequent discovery of new facts about the heavenly bodies these hypotheses were discredited.

It is true that we have to investigate and learn much more about heavenly bodies with the help of modern observational techniques that the present century has given us, such as space satellites and extremely sophisticated fast cameras.

Equipped both these techniques and supercomputers dealing with the complexities of mathematical calculations involved, we can hope that the present century's scientists may be able to solve the puzzle of the origin of the universe, the solar system, and the origin of the earth.

It is worthwhile to note that in our attempt to know exactly the origin of the earth, we are faced with the problems of vast space, immensely long time, high temperature and unknown gravitational fields.

However, despite the fact that the different hypotheses and theories put forward from the ancient days to the modern times were discredited because of their inherent limitations or of the discoveries of latest cosmic facts, they do represent some sequence and evolutionary thinking.

The theories of the origin of the earth have been put into two classes - (i) Evolutionary or natural theories which suppose that the planetary systems have evolved from stars. It means that there may be many planetary systems in the universe; (ii) The second group consists of cataclysmic or catastrophic theories according to which the origin of planets is the result of some violent event in space like the collision or close approach of two stars in space.

However, because of vast distances separating different stars in the space, the origin of planets by catastrophic processes would be extremely rare.