405 Words Short Essay on a Volley Ball Match



Of late, the game of volley-ball has become very popular. The game affords a lot of fun and enjoyment. A very exciting and interesting volley- ball mach was played between our School and the Khalsa School. Both the teams were equally strong. The match was expected to be well contested.

The match started exact at 6 pm. in ideal weather. We served the ball first. The opponents passed it from player to player and returned it to our side. We did not let it touch the ground. It was in the air for a couple of minutes.

What a thrill! Every point was well contested. Our captain played a faultless game His 'killing the ball' at the net was admirable. Mohan's smashing was unequalled. We won five points in quick succession. This put the Khalsas on their mettle. They also warmed up and tried hard to equalize but could not. We won the first game by 11 points. We made merry over our victory. The spectators gave us loud cheers.

We then changed sides and the second game began after an interval of five minutes. The second game was very exciting. Our players drew special attention for the powerful smashes. Our captain was highly praised for the excellent service. All my placings were accurate. The whole of our team struck their best form and consequently annexed the second game, too, by 10 points.

The third and the last game was the decisive game. We were in high spirits but our opponents seemed to be losing courage. We played with great enthusiasm. We scored six points one after the other. The Khalsas put up a brave fight and at one stage seemed to equalize. But luck favoured us again. Our score went on mounting.

There was again a chance for the Khalsas. They fought desperately. They succeeded in equalizing. Now there was a neck-to-neck fight. There were only two more points to be scored to win. Each side did its best to win. It was a tense moment.

The players were all attention. The spectators bucked up one-side or the other. Our fate hung in the balance. Our captain rose to the occasion. His fine volleys at last secured us the remaining two points. We won the third game also though by two points only. Thus we carried the day. Our joy knew no bounds. We jumped and danced and gave out loud shouts of joy.