522 Words Essay on A Hockey Match



Last Sunday, I witnessed a very interesting hockey match. It was played between the D.A.V. College team and the Government College team. Both the teams were in form and in their uniforms. The teams were strong and evenly matched. The match was well contested. The referee was quite smart and strong. He blew the whistle exact at 5.30 p.m. and the teams took the field.

After the usual toss the match started. The D.A.V. College team was on the offensive from the very start. Their rightwing Joginder and centre-forward Jaswant thrilled the spectators with their individual brilliance.

The former showed a fine turn of speed and ball-control while the tall, stalwart Jaswant, showed his potentialities as centre- forward. Bhola on the left-wing, also gave a fine performance and he was always dangerous when in possession of the ball.

Amar, the Government College goal-keeper, gave once and again a fine display of his skill and mental alertness. He repulsed with remarkable skill all the attacks of the opponents. The Government College defense too played well and never allowed the D.A.V.'s to have their own way.

Their forward line showed more thrust and gave 'he D.A.V. College defense several anxious moments. For 20 minutes, the Government College team held the D.A.V. team despite their repeated attacks from both the flanks.

During this time the Government College forwards too were seen making some good moves, but were repeatedly foiled by the D.A.V. defenders, skipper Kulwant and Prem Singh being outstanding. In the 24th minute, off a move from the right, originated by Kulwant, Jaswant scored and the D.A.V.'s crossed over with a 1-0 lead.

On resumption, the D.A.V.'s increased their lead when Bhola secored a stinging shot, giving goal-keeper Amar no chance whatsoever. Three minutes later Jaswant lured Amar out of the goal to make the score 3-0.

The D.A.V.'s were now playing delightful hockey. But for the splendid game the Government College defense, they would have scored at least a couple of goals more. Midway through this half there was rain and the D.A.V.'s found the slippery ground not to their liking. The Government College players took advantage of the situation and gave some anxious moments to the D.A.V. goalkeeper, Lali. In one of these raids, they earned a penalty corner and skipper Manmohan, taking the hit, slammed a bullet-like shot into the net making the score 1-3.

This was the first goal against the D.A.V.'s. The D.A.V.'s then unleashed a furious attack with the rain subsiding. In the last seven minutes of play, they added two more goals to their score through Jaswant. Thus, the D.A.V.'s won by 5 to 1.

On the whole the game was played in a perfectly sportsman-like spirit. There were few fouls, no injuries and the decisions of the referee were quick, fair and just. Shouts of, 'D.A.V.'s zindabad' rent the sky. Even the Government College players like good sportsmen congratulated their opponents. The captain of the D.A.V. team was carried on shoulders by his friends who took him in a procession through the city. Both the teams left the ground amidst cheers and all appreciated the play.