Short Essay on the Otto von Bismarck as one of the Successful Statesmen of the World



The chief aim of Bismarck of Germany was to make it organized, safe and powerful. To achieve his aims he did not resort to democratic means because he considered the democratic system useless. He was an autocrat and used to say:

"The Prussian crown must not allow itself to be thrust into the powerless position of the English crown, which seems more like a smartly decorative cupola on the state edifice, than its central of support, as I consider ours."

By his actions he proved that he was an able statesman and a skilled diplomat of his time. Marriot has paid him a glowing tribute:

"The end was reached by methods which no simple men could approve by diplomacy which was a masterpiece of bluff, duplicity and by an overwhelming force unscrupulously applied." He was a follower of 'Blood and Iron' policy.

But besides being militarist he was a clever diplomat. Before making an attack on his enemy, he used to make him isolated and friendless and instead of becoming himself an invader he used to provoke his enemy to make an attack on him. His diplomacy was full of bluff and power.

Bismarck used to consider himself Prussian first and a German afterwards. He did not want to endanger the existence of Prussia in the unification of Germany. He wanted to incorporate the whole Germany into Prussia.

He did not agree to those schemes for a union which would destroy the integrity of the Prussian kingdom. He used to say:

"Prussians we are and Prussians we will remain."

Simon has also written:

"From 1871 to 1914 all the world's atlases solemnly described as 'The German Empire' what was in reality a Prussian Empire, and all the history books have gone on gravely describing as the 'unification' of Germany what was in reality the division of it."

Bismarck was the most practical-minded politician. This is why he did not pay any attention towards the establishment of the colonial empire. His politics was for Germany and Europe as well. He was never lost in distant vision like that of Talleyrand.

His foreign policy can very well be defined in two words Divide and Rule. He could bring each of his enemies to his knees by following this policy.

He made France friendless and isolated in Europe, in order to cripple her for ever so that she could never wage a war against Germany. But the militarist policy of Bismarck turned Germany into a militant nation which brought destructive consequences for her.

A prominent historian, Taylor has rightly remarked:

"In the long run, the Germans would break the bounds which he had imposed and would seek to conquer all Europe and God too. The Bismarckian system aimed at security and peace but it left the ruling classes of Germany with no alternative to preserve them.

They had to enter on a path of conquest which would be their ruin. Bismarck, the greatest of political Germans, was for Germany the greatest of disasters."