Short Essay on the Problem of Krishnadevaraya's Succession



Krishnadevaraya's long and triumphant carrier came to an end after the close of the Golkonda campaign. However, he was not destined to rule in peace.

The question of succession led to a revolt in the eastern princes. Krishnadevaraya had no male issue for a long time. It was only in A.D. 1518-1519 that he was bestowed with a son called Tirumaladeva-Maharaya.

In view of his advancing age and to ensure his smooth succession, he abdicated the throne and crowned the young prince. He himself became the Prime Minister and carried on the administration in the name of the King, his son. Unfortunately, the prince died about eight months after his accession.

It was reported to the Krishnaraya that he had been poisoned by Timma Dandanayaka, son of his great Minister Saluva Hmmarasa. Both of them were imprisoned. Timma Dandanayaka escaped from prison after about 3 years and joined his cousins in Gooty or Kondavidu where they were ruling as governors.

The royal army defeated them and carried both father and son as prisoners to Vijayanagar where they were blinded by king's orders and thrown in prison.

Krishnadevaraya was anxious to solve the problem of succession during his life time. He had an eighteen months old son, a nephew, son of his elder brother, Vira Narasimha, and his half brother Achyuta.

Besides there was the son of his other half brother Sadasiv. Out of all these, he selected Achyuta whom he considered to be the fittest and nominated him as his successsor. After a short illness about the end of 1529, Krishnadevaraya died and was succeeded by Achyuta.