What is the difference between Growth and Development?



Growth and development are similar words but different from each other though it is not possible to separate them totally.

It is a whole process which includes growth of the body as well as growth of various aspects of child's personality, e.g., the physical, emotional, social and cognitive development.

Development is a progressive change the child undergoes which increases the physical, social, mental and emotional capacities of the child.

In the early stages of life these changes are constructive and after middle age there are destructive changes in the body which lead to old age.Growth


1. Growth is quantitative.

2. Growth comprises of height, weight, size and shape of body organs like brain, etc.

3. It is due to cell division.

4. Growth is for limited period.

5. Growth can be measured.

6. Growth tells about one aspect of personality but in limited scope.


1. Development is quantitative as well as qualitative.

2. In this with the physical changes cognitive social and emotional change are also included.

3. It happen due to motor and adjust mental processes and their interplay.

4. Development takes place till death.

5. It can be observed by matured behavior.

6. Development deals with all the aspect of personality and has a vast scope.