Here are your shorts notes on Objectives Resolution (India)



The Assembly met in its second plenary session from 20-24 January 1947 and adopted an 'objective Resolution' moved by Nehru, the objective of the framers of the constitution was declared to be the creation of Sovereign Democratic Republic for India.

Unanimous approval was given to another resolution moved by Nehru recommending a redistribution of the provinces so as to make them "homogenous units based on linguistic, cultural administrative and economic considerations as soon as possible after the new constitution had /been enforced.

The third plenary session was held from 28 April to 2 May. It discussed the reports submitted by the Union powers committee and of the Advisory Committee on fundamental rights.

The First Committee felt that in terms of the Cabinet Mission's plan mainly the following powers would be vested in the Government of the union defense foreign relations communications financial powers and a miscellany of other powers.

The second committee divided the fundamental rights into two parts justiciable and non justiciable and added that the fundamental rights should be equal for all persons regardless of race religion caste or sex.

The constituent Assembly adopted inter alia a recommendation that "untouchability" should be abolished and the making of any kind of disability or discrimination against scheduled castes should be an offence under the constitution.

It also declared that no titles shall be conferred by the Union and no citizen of the Union shall accept any title from a foreign state."

On 2 May the assembly adjourned sine die after accepting Rajendra Prasad's proposal that the constitution should be written both in Hindustani and English.

It met again from 14-31 July and considered mainly three subjects.

(a) The report of the union constitution committee on the proposed constitution.

(b) The report of provincial constitution committee in which a model constitution for the provinces was presented, and

(c) The adoption of the new Indian national flag.