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Most reports and studies emphasise that the country continues to face major governance challenges. There is a lack of transparency in governance rules, procedures are complicated and the bureaucracy enjoys broad discretionary power. Nepotism is embedded in the civil service, journalists are harassed for reporting on corruption and recent years have seen an increase in off-the-books campaign finance arrangements. Provides an overview of the general patterns of corruption in the country 96 anonymous reports about bribery demands were filed between July 2007 and October 2008 on the organization's Business Registry for International Bribery and extortion this is a secure, multilingual online tool for reporting bribe demands worldwide. 91% of the reported bribe demands were requested by a government official, including 33% from national level officials, 30% from the police, and 16% from state or provincial officials. 77% of the reports described bribe demands made for avoiding harm rather than for gaining an advantage. Of those, more than 51% were for the timely delivery of services to which the individual was already entitled, such as clearing customs or getting a telephone connection. Only 12% of the reported bribe demands were for gaining an advantage.