Here is your short paragraph on Jainism

The Jainas, however, have been more numerous and concentrated around Kanchi, Madurai and a few other urban centres. The story of Mahendravarman I's preconversion faith points to its considerable influence in the 7th century in the Tamil country But this was nothing compared to the remarkable spread and influence of Jainism in Karnataka under the Hoyasalas and the Chalukyas. Jain authorship of Kannada literature, religious as well as secular was very considerable. Many Jaina temples were built and endowed in early Chalukya times; among the Rashtrakutas Amoghavarsha I was one who sought frequent refuge in the blessing of Jainism; many of the Western Gangas of Talakadu and a few among the Eastern Chalukyas of Vengi followed and patronised Jainism.