What are the aims of Packaging and Labelling in Pharmacy?



Physical protection:

The main aim of packaging is to protect the finished product during handling and in transportation by pressure, heat, sunlight, physical force, rain, cold, airborne contamination, etc.

Protection from duplicacy:

Laymen can identify the quality and originality of a product by the packaging and labeling system of the substance or finished product. Proper packaging system is helpful in reducing duplicay of the product and also protect it from hazards of transportation.


Proper packaging and labelling can enhance the marketability of the product like its elegance, storage properties, usefulness of the container and packaging.

Handling of product:

Suitable containers and packaging system is helpful in the handling of product during administration and also for storage.

Shape and Size:

Suitable shape and size of packaging render the product ease of transportation at low cost and may reduce the storage space.

Information transmission:

Important information for user is available on the label or package i.e. how to open, how to use, how to store, indications and contraindications, if any; expiry, transport, or disposal of the remaining product etc. Some times special information is also available on the label prescribed by the governments or authorized official body i.e. FDA, for example 'under Employees' State Insurance Scheme (ESIS)'.