58 frequently asked questions on the Fall of The Guptas in India



1. Who was the last great king of the Gupta dynasty?

Ans. Vishnugupta.

2. Name a regional power that emerged in North India after the fall of the Guptas.

Ans. The Pushyabhutis.

3. That Kumaragupla I performed the Asvamedha ceremony is known from what?

Ans. Kumaragupta's coins.

4. Which Gupta king fought a war with the Pushyamitras?

Ans. Kumaragupta I.

5. Who introduced the worship of a new god, Kartikeya?

Ans. Kumaragupta I.

6. Who defeated the Saka chief Mihirakula?

Ans. Yasodharman.

7. To which dynasty belonged Harshavardhana?

Ans. Pushyabhuti.

8. Who transferred the capital from Thaneswar to Kanauj?

Ans. Harshavardhana.

9. Who was the author of Harshacharita?

Ans. Banabhatt.

10. Who has been described as the Sakalotta rapathanatha?

Ans. Harshavardhana.

11. Which Chinese traveller came to India during the reign or Harshavardhana?

Ans. Hiuen Tsang.

12. Since when began the rise of Thaneswar?

Ans. Prabhakarvardhana.

13. When Harshavardhana became the king of Thaneswar?

Ans. 606 AD.

14. Who was the most famous Indo-Greek ruler in India?

Ans. Menander.

15. By which name Menandar was known in India?

Ans. Milinda.

16. Who were the first to issue gold coins in India?

Ans. Indo-Greeks.

17. Who was the most famous Saka ruler?

Ans. Rudradaman I.

18. Wherefrom had the coins of the Saka ruler Nahapana been unearthed?

Ans. At Jogalthambi.

19. What was the capital of the Satavahanas?

Ans. Paithan or Pratisthana.

20. Name the Greek ambassador who set up a pillar in honor of Lord Vishnu.

Ans. Heliodorus.

21. Where was the pillar set up by Heliodorus?

Ans. At Vidisha (in MP).

22. Who founded the regional kingdom of Gauda?

Ans. Sasanka.

23. Where was the capital of Sasanka located?

Ans. Karnasuvarna.

24. Who was the founder of Pala dynasty?

Ans. Gopala.

25. Who was the last Pala king?

Ans. Madanpala.

26. Who was the author of Ramacharita?

Ans. Sandhyakarnandi.

27. Who was the author of the Danasugara?

Ans. Ballalasena.

28. Who built the city of Gauda?

Ans. Ballalasena.

29. By whose name was Gauda renamed Lakshmanavati?

Ans. Lakshmanasena.

30. Who was the leader of the Kaivartya Rebellion?

Ans. Divya or Divyoka.

31. Who was the founder of the Sena dynasty?

Ans. Vijayasena.

32. Who was the last Sena king of eastern Bengal?

Ans. Kesabsena.

33. To which dynasty did Mihirbhoja belong?

Ans. Pratihara.

34. Who was the author of the Aihole Inscription?

Ans. Ravikirti.

35. Name the Maukhari king killed by Sasanka.

Ans. Grahavarman.

36. Name the only king who defeated Harshavardhana.

Ans. Pulakesin II.

37. Who was the ally or Sananka?

Devagupta of Malwa.

38. Who founded the great monastery at Oddantapura?

Ans. Gopala.

39. Who defeated the Chola king Rajendra Chola?

Ans. Mahipala of Bengal.

40. Who succeeded Ballalasena?

Ans. Lakshmana sena.

41. Where did Jayadeva flourished?

Ans. The court of Lakshmanasena.

42. Who founded the monastery of Vikramsila?

Ans. Dharmapala.

43. Whose conquests are recorded in the Aihole Inscription?

Ans. Pulakesin II.

44. Who invaded Bengal in 1200AD?

Ans. Bakhtiyar Khilji.

45. Who was the greatest king of the Chalukyas?

Ans. Pulakesin II.

46. Name the book written by Bilhana.

Ans. Vikramankadevacharita.

47. Which Chalukya king sent mission to Persia?

Ans. Pulakesin II.

48. Who assumed the title Tribhubanamalla?

Ans. The Chalukya king, Vikramaditya VI.

49. Who introduced Vikramasambat in lieu of Shakabda?

Ans. Vikramaditya VI.

50. From which year is the Vikrama era counted?

Ans. 1076 AD.

51. Which power of ancient India sent expedition to South-east Asia and Ceylon in 11th centuries?

Ans. The Cholas.

52. Centering which city did the Pallavas buid up a huge empire?

Ans. Kanchipuram.

53. Which Chinese traveller stayed at Kanchipuram for some days?

Ans. Hiuen Tsang.

54. Who was the builder of the Sap tart ha temple at Mahabalipuram?

Ans. Narasimhavarman.

55. Who was the last Pallava king?

Ans. Aparajitavarman.

56. Centering control over which area that the three powers of northern and southern India entered into struggle?

Ans. Kanauj.

57. For control over which area struggle the Pallavas and Chalukyas?

Ans. Krishna-Tungabhadra doab region.

58. When was the Pala dynasty founded?

Ans. 750 AD.