How to develop your personality by practicing Yoga?



Following practices help one achieve all round internal personality development so that it will be an ideal instrument to develop one's external personality.

Though the practices are predominantly means for respective sheath of inner personality, they also influence other sheaths of personality as all these sheaths are inter-connected, inter-related and inter-dependent with each other.

Physical and Vital body

yogasana, healthy diet and kriya (process for internal body cleaning) are for physical body, Pfehayama are for vital body Mental body - ' "

trataka', $avasaria, yoga hidra, meditation and mudra Emotional body

Chanting, recitation, singing classical-devotional-patriotic songs, classical- traditional-devotional dancing, sensible painting and hobbies which are helpful for creativity provided they do not increase attachment. Intellectual body

Reading- contemplation and understanding healthy literature which is helpful to give inputs to the intellect and help in understanding it do some mechanical activities regularly which takes out stagnated and unwanted energy from the system, like washing one's own clothes, cleaning the room and the surrounding, polisher one's own shoes, watering plants, helping others in domestic work etc. All practices are ultimately helpful for development of spiritual personality. Cycle of divine life (Dharma Chakra) for self sustained personality:

Though the basic aim of personality development is to be happy, to find o truth and get knowledge for success in life, every individual has a duty to preserve and develop the external world i.e family, society, and nation. Unless the family, social and nation give man the congenial atmosphere man will not have proper growth and development.

In the same way, if an individual fails to contribute to the development of his family, society and nation, they will not be in a position to take care of the individual. When a child is born, the family, the society and the nation take care of his health, education and growth; this is called yogaksema.

When an individual grows, he will have to work (karma) for himself, for his family, society and nation. In return, he gets the fruits of action (karma phala). Out ol this fruit of action, a part has to go back to the family, society and nation; this approach is recognised as divine action (yajna karma), so that they will be enriched to take care of the next generation (yogaksema).

Along with the fruits of action (karma phala) an individual also has to give his time, experience, mind and wealth (tan, man, and dhan), which s/he has got from the family, the society and the nation. This is called 'service and renunciation' by Svami Vivekananda and it is a twin ideal for uprishing harat, This is called Cycle of divine life (dharma-cakra).

If this cycle breaks by any way, everything will collapse and everything will be destroyed. To enrich the society, the divine actions (yajna-karma) must continue. If society is not enriched, then its capacity to take care of the individual will be damaged, so the individual is also affected. This is the mechanism for self-sustained personality development.