160 Words Paragraph for Kids on ALIEN

Unidentified flying objects, or UFO?, are one of the most controversial mysteries known to mankind. From ancient to present times, unidentified objects have been seen in the sky by millions of people. The question is, of course, what is it that we are seeing in our skies? Are they foreign spacecrafts from distant planets, merely Air Force experiments, or only our imagination? Many people believe that extraterrestrial life is existent and far more advanced than us. Conversely, many believe that aliens are just figments of our optimistic imaginations. What about our governments? Are they hiding vital information from us, the citizens of the world, in belief that we are better off not knowing the truth? Is there some huge conspiracy? Arguments are incredibly strong for both sides. There is an excessive amount of information which could lead one to assume that UFOs are fiction, yet there is also an abundant amount of evidence to believe that aliens are a reality.