What were the economic reforms of Alauddin Khilji?

The two aspects of Alauddin's economic reforms were: (a) Reor­ganization of the land-revenue system and (b) Control of the market price of the articles of daily use. Alauddin's land-revenue reforms aimed at establishing direct relationship between state and the peasants. Also he strove (tried) for increasing the income of the state.

Another important feature of the land-revenue policy of Alauddin was that revenue was fixed after assessment and measurement of the cultivable land. In controlling the price of the commodities Alauddin was guided by two objectives. One was to check the monetary inflation.

And the second was to ensure regular supply of the articles of daily use to the cities. By way of assessment it may be said that while Alauddin's price control regulations did not survive his death. But his land-revenue reforms served the basis upon which all the later taxation systems designed.