Essay on the Role of a Teacher in Helping Adolescence to Develop Balanced Personality



The period of transition from childhood to adulthood is called adolescence life.

Adolescence is very critical stage of development:

All type of changes biological, social cognitive etc. take place during the adolescence stage. Teacher can do a lot of help to adolescents to develop a balanced personality.

Teacher should have responsibility of guiding the development of adolescent personality. Here we shall discuss how a teacher can help adolescents a balanced personality.

Following are the ways in which a teacher can help adolescence in developing his balanced personality:

1. Teacher should understand their problems and help to solve them:

Today the problems and anxieties of adolescents are growing larger day by day. They cannot solve these problems without help of others. Teacher should play a role of friend, philosopher and a guide to provide help to adolescents. As a friend teacher should present him/herself to adolescents as a role model as a person.

As a guide, teacher should provide them information's which parents refuse to give and which in society is not easily available to him. Specifically it means providing sex education and career education.

Teacher can build interest club, hobby club, subject club or activity club according to the needs of the students. Students should be put according to their interests.

As for example, If some students have - gardening as a hobby then we can make a hobby club of those students who link gardening as a hobby. Teacher should play a role of guide in these clubs.

2. Teacher should be an ideal person for them:

As we know that every student wants to imitate the actions of his/her teacher. So a teacher should present an example of ideal person to their students. As for adolescents, they face the changes of childhood to adulthood. At this time many physical changes are found in them.

During this period their growth spurts. A rapid increase in height and weight can be seen at this time. They suddenly catch up with adults in physical size and strength. These changes are the rapid development of the reproductive organs that signal sexual maturity. All the biological changes of physical maturity bring a new interest in sexuality.

At this time they can attract towards opposite sex due to their changes feeling. Here teacher should present his ideal life so that students could learn from the life of his/her teacher.

Teacher should behave positively and affectionately to them and teacher should show the practical use of human values in his/her own life.

If teacher only speaks verbally about human values and does not follow them in his/her own life he/she cannot expect from adolescents to acquire them if their lives so

Teacher should present and make his personality balanced first and then try developing a balanced personality in adolescents.

3. Teacher's help in cognitive development:

Many important cognitive developments occur during this time. We seal capacity and style of though broadness, awareness, imagination, judgement? Insight in adolescents.

Teacher should provide them a range of issue and prowl of different kinds that could complicate and enrich the adolescent's. Adolescents also show an increasing ability to plan and think ahead. Adolesced begin to challenge everything, to reject old boundaries and categories. The^ become more creative and thinkers.

Teacher should not force his/her own views or old principles on them. Teacli^1 should provide them opportunity to judge the reality of views. Teacher shoats provide them a chance to think broadly at different problem. Teacher shout try to encourage their creativity. Teacher should understand the nature a:u needs of adolescents and then try to provide opportunity to them to develil their personality positively and aim fully. Teacher should provide them chats where they could express their views fluently as debate competitions, seminal* symposia, brainstorming, etc.

In the end we can say that teacher should play a role of friend, guide, philosophy P facilitator and ideal person to provide help to adolescents in developing a balance personality. Teacher's responsibility in this regard is very important.