Short Paragraph on an Honest Person I have known

Honesty is the best policy. It is an old saying. In fact, all people should be honest. But it is very rare to find an honest person these days. However, I have known a person who impressed me deeply with his honesty. One day I was travelling in a D.T.C. bus. I lost my brief-case. The brief-case contained some important documents and one thousand rupees. I was much worried. After some time a man came to my house. He was shabbily dressed. He was' a stranger. He gave me my brief-case. The documents and money was intact in it. He told me that he had found it in the D.T.C. bus. He had found my identity card in the brief-case and came to know my name and address. I was very impressed by his honesty. He refused to accept the reward which I tried to give him. He was just a poor rickshaw-puller.