Short Paragraph for kids on my Classroom

I am a student of class V of Springdales School, Shantil Niketan. It has fifty classrooms. My class sits in the ground floor. I sit in room No. 38. It is near the staff room. My classroom is large. It has two doors, fowl ventilators and two windows. The windows have iron bars. The floor and ceiling of my classroom are cemented; there is a blackboard on the wall. The room is white­washed. There are thirty-five desks and chairs for the students. Every desk has a shelf where students keep their books and note-books. There is an armed chair and table for the teacher. There is an almirahs against the wall. Our class monitor keeps the teacher's diary, chalk sticks and duster in this almirahs. There are two dustbins in the classroom. There are five ceiling fans and six tube lights in the room. I like my classroom very much.