Who else wants to read an essay on my ambitions?



Every human heart has desires and ambitions. It is but natural for one to think of the future course of one's life, of one's career, of one's goals. To be ambitions is to be human. But people differ in their ambitions, as they differ in their temperaments, natures and aptitudes. A man's ambitions should be in keeping with his aptitude, ability and capacity to strive.

My ambition is to serve the country by joining the Indian Administrative Services. Indian Civil Services are the administrative veins of the country's body politic and as such their importance cannot be over-emphasized. Unfortunately, the image of a present-day bureaucrat is that of a lethargic, unimaginative and corrupt person who is enmeshed in red-tapism, who sits on the files and who bestirs himself only if he is adequately bribed.

Many people join the Civil Services for power and money and forget that as I.A.S. officers, they are the servants of the public at large and their duty is to work for their welfare. I will try to change the state of affairs and improve the image of a bureaucrat. My ambition is to serve the people selflessly and try to minimize, if not root out, the corruption prevalent in the bureaucracy.

I would like to bring the Civil Services back to their past glory. The future of the country is in the hands of the bureaucrats and it is the upright and dedicated bureaucrats who can bring about revolutionary changes.