During a long vacation one can get away from class-work and studies feel free and relaxed and spend time on various kinds of recreation and amusement. Most of the students while away spent their time either by roaming around or by indulging in such idle pursuits as gossip-mongering or playing cards. Some fall into bad company and take to harmful and obnoxious habits. I personally feel that holidays should be well-spent.

They should be both enjoyable and educative. In my last summer holidays I went on a guided tour of South India. For fifteen days I had great fun and also came to know my country's wonderful diversity and marvellous beauty. I learnt much about our culture, history and social customs and mores. Back at home, I took a part-time job with a firm and that gave me the satisfaction of earning something independently.

I devoted some of my time to social service. I made two poor boys fully literate and created in them an interest in gaining knowledge. I spent two weeks in an old people's home as a volunteer. Serving the old gave me a sense of responsibility towards the society. I did not neglect my health. I took regular exercise in the morning and also went on long walks.

I read travel books, biographies and a few journals on photography. This sort of light reading kept my mind healthily occupied. I can say with reasonable pride that I spent my vacation quite profitably