Short essay on necessity is the mother of invention



It is impossible to imagine a world without needs. Necessity goads a man to act and to invent. The history of mankind is the history of his efforts to satisfy his needs. All the discoveries and inventions of science are a proof of man's urge to solve his problems.

The primitive man felt the need of shelter, food, clothes, means of communication and protection from wild animals. He strove hard and built houses, made fire, prepared clothes and invented weapons.

He learnt agriculture and cleared new lands to till. To meet his social obligations and for trade and commerce, he needed language and therefore he invented it. With the passage of time man's needs went on increasing and he made inventions in keeping with the level of civilization. Today man has reached the pinnacle of civilization and we see all around us a host of mind boggling inventions.

All the social, cultural and political progress of man is due to his changing needs. Scientific, technological, industrial and medical advancement has been possible because man wanted to cope with the ever-increasing demands of a new world. Literature, fine arts, print media, cinema and television have satisfied man's mental, intellectual and spiritual needs. Necessity makes man adventurous and awakens his inventive powers.