Write a letter to your father informing him of your success in winning a prize at a debate





My dear father,

You will be glad to know that this year's top prize for the best debater has come to me. It is a silver trophy beautifully cast and the name of the school is engraved on it.

The debate was on inter-school level. Three other boys from, different schools took part in it. The topic of discussion was "whether municipalisation of secondary school education would be beneficial".

All the three boys spoke in favour of it. They said that municipalisation of secondary education was the only way to bring about reforms in the system of education. According to them, it was proper to pass over secondary education to municipal authorities to enable them to correlate the primary and secondary education. This would, they argued, channelise education from primary stage to higher secondary stage in one single stream which will make for uniform progress.

Their arguments convinced many. My teachers felt restless when I stood up to speak. I started with a feeble voice but very soon it became forceful. I smashed their argument by saying whether my friends, in order to channelise education in one single stream, would like to municipalise college education as well? My argument went home and the audience seemed convinced. I was highly applauded. My rivals were silent and I was declared the winner.

I was later told by my teacher that the manner of my speech was as forceful as was my argument. The boys and teachers of my school were very happy because I had brought honour to them. The function ended happily.

How is mother? I wish you were here these fine days. Love to Vaibhav.

Yours affectionately